Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Winning the Teacher's Heart

Winning the Teacher's Heart
The Donnelly Brothers
Jean C. Gordon
Becca is a single mom with two wonderful children. She's a little leery of men and for a very good reason. So when the famous motor cross racer Jared Donnelly comes back to town to open his racing school she's nervous and less than thrilled. Jared thinks he's used to the censor from his old home town. But somehow he can't brush it off as easily when he thinks Becca might be thinking badly of him.

The plot was interesting and the characters were entertaining. The romance felt a bit rushed to me, but it was still sweet. It's a clean, Christian read that talks about trust and faith. The story deals with infidelity, drinking, and a little bit of fighting so probably not for the younger readers. I was a little surprised that the author didn't bring in the other brothers more so the reader could get hooked on their characters since this appears to be the start of a series. Overall, it was a nice, enjoyable book.

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