Sunday, July 5, 2015

If You Were Me

If You Were Me and Lived in China
A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World
Carole P. Roman
Children can learn about what it would be like if they were a child living in China. Colorful illustrations and photography show various aspects of life in China. The book is told in story form and covers geography, a little bit of history, food, sports, home life, and holidays. All of the unfamiliar words have a pronunciation guide directly after the word as well as included in the glossary at the back of the book. 

My children loved the book and it opened up the conversation for more discussion and research about China and what it's like to live there. The author does a great job of getting information across without being too detailed or overwhelming. The book would be a good resource for schools or home school parents to add to the curriculum. 

I received this book free of charge from Bostick Communications in exchange for my honest review.

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