Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wacky Stories

Wacky Stories
Julie Harper
The author put together 10 silly stories to entertain children and interest reluctant readers. Each story has an element about it that is out of place. At the end of each story are reader questions so the children can review what they've just read. There is also space for the reader to make up another story or change elements of the current story.

My 8 year old read the book to my 6 year old. The older one thought the book was a bit boring, but said it might be better if I'd read it using different voices. The 6 year old said it was funny and seemed to really enjoy the silliness. The vocabulary is simple enough that I think the 6 yr old will be able to read it herself soon. There are a couple of black and white pictures at the beginning of each chapter, but the book focuses mainly on the stories.

I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

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