Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living in Tandem

Living in Tandem
Working Together on a Forever Marriage
Dave and Sue Lunde
Marriage is like riding a tandem bike. It requires both parties to be fully invested and both to be working equally to get the bike moving in the correct direction. The authors purchased just such a bike years ago and used the bike to draw parallel illustrations about marriage and how working together fortifies a forever relationship. The chapters (or concepts) begin with a Bible verse and then continue with the author's thoughts on the text and the lessons they drew from riding together. They intersperse personal stories with their thoughts to make the book seem more relatable. 

The book was informative and I wasn't surprised to read that they taught marriage classes. They covered a wide range of topics that all couples just starting out or needing a refresher course would benefit from reading. The book would also make a good small group study for married couples. So it would have been nice to see some discussion questions in the back. But even without the questions I would recommend this for newly married couples or small groups who want to learn more about working together.

I received this book free of charge from BookClub Network in exchange for my review.

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