Saturday, June 6, 2015

Attractive Nuisances

Attractive Nuisances
Legally in Love Book 1
Jennifer Griffith
 Camilla loves her job as a prosecutor. She isn't so crazy about her boss, especially when he hires a rash, irresponsible guy named Zane Holyoake. Zane doesn't seem to take anything seriously. He wins cases by flirting with the jury and sweet talking them. Camilla spends hours and hours working on her cases to make them air tight, only to have Zane tell a childhood story and win everyone over. But there is still that tiny bit of charm that she just can't shake when she's with him, that has her so worried.

The two characters are the definition of opposites attracting. The author did a great job of setting up the plot to fit the romantic slant of the story. The characters were ones that the reader will love or love to hate. I enjoyed the legal details that were included in the story. It added dimension to the romance side and helped to create depth and interest. Personality conflicts had me annoyed with the male character, but he is one that I know many of my fellow reader friends will love.

I received this book free of charge from Inspired Kathy in exchange for my honest review.

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