Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Group Hug

The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug
Christine Tate
Many women complain about lack of time and busy schedules. So the author has put together a small and inclusive Bible study that women can use in a small group setting to get to know each other and the Lord without the stress of homework and lots of reading beforehand. Each chapter consists of an icebreaker, lesson, commentary, discussion questions, and the personal challenges. The lesson is the only section that has scripture.

The book is a lot smaller than I'd anticipated. There really isn't any additional reading required.  This study would work well for someone who is a bit intimidated about starting a small group study since the lessons are outlined and structured. It would appeal to someone who doesn't want something that is in-depth or heavy or someone that is mixing denominations in their group.

I received this book free of charge from BookCrash in exchange for my honest review.

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