Monday, November 14, 2016

Me, Me, Me Epidemic

"Me, Me, Me" Epidemic
Amy McCready
 There are tons of news stories and facebook links about the craziness that involves the youth of today and their entitlement issues. They blow our minds. And yet are we helping feed the problem by raising entitled children? This book addresses those issues and give easy to implement steps for every parent.

I liked how the author used stories to illustrate her points. It made for more interesting reading instead of facts just thrown at me. There are instructions on how to put the methods recommended into practice, advice on tons of different situations, and different methods that work for different children. While this wasn't the most gripping book I've read, it is definitely informative and I can recommend it to anyone who is currently raising children. The advice is sound, it works, and the author has hit on a much needed remedy for an epidemic of a problem.

I received this book from Goodreads. All opinions expressed are my own.

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