Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I reviewed Bleedover last month. This month I was asked to be part of a blog tour with a give-away. I'm always up for free books for my readers. So here is a bit more about the book, author and the information on the give-away.

Give-away info.
Curtis Hox scribbles science fantasy novels. He's written six unpublished novels, which include his debut science fiction novel Bleedover and the forthcoming YA Transhuman Warrior Series. This article is part of the 2012 Bleedover Blog Tour. Check out Curtis Hox's next tour stops and join the  Bleedover Blog Tour Giveaway to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. For more information, visit www.curtishox.com.
Book Info.
Science Fiction/Contemporary Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9846656-0-0
Buy it Now: Amazon for 0.99 Cents Only!

Review Samples

"I love the combination of science fiction and fantasy and how the historical and literary are mixed into the plot. From Lovecraft to Victor Hugo, ancient monsters and sword-wielding warriors to futuristic spaceships and giant red goddesses, there's a little bit of everything in this excellent novel." Gathering Leaves Reviews

"This book was well written, fascinating and scary… Definitely an author to keep on the radar... I am going to be checking out his other books myself." Book Reviews By Tima

"Bleedover is a novel which has elements of both fantasy and science fiction, just the way I like it! ... The writing is excellent ... and the story is well constructed and fast paced ..." Ritesh Kala's Book Reviews

Flap Copy

An intriguing phenomenon in literature and arts. A maverick professor's quest to find answers. And a discovery that will shock the world.

These are stressful times for professor Harriet Sterling. She's on the verge of fully deciphering why books, TV, film, and advertising are suddenly being altered, a phenomenon she named bleedover. But her controversial theories are ruining her credibility.

She needs proof, and fast, before her career hits a dead end. She also must move quickly before her long-time enemy, successful business man and psychotic H.P Lovecraft fan Corbin Lyell, can buy his way into controlling bleedover. That would mean Corbin's golden ticket to fulfilling twisted prophecies of summoning dark monsters from the worlds of his pulp heroes.

When Dr. Sterling's research team accidentally decodes a mysterious book insertion and successfully generates an apple out of thin air, the world takes notice. So does an enraged Corbin who plans a massive attack with deadly consequences.

With a blend of science fiction and fantasy, Bleedover explores provocative territory that guarantees a journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

About the Author

Curtis Hox is an English professor by day and a science fiction writer by night. He launched his debut novel, Bleedover, in Nov. 2011 and is editing his YA Transhuman Warrior Series, which is scheduled to launch on Jun 1st, 2012. He's also blogging his journey as a self-published author. He lives with his wife and two year old son, who often pretends to type on his keyboard and, at times, somehow inserts erroneous characters into his manuscripts.