Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rocky Mountain Proposal

Rocky Mountain Proposal
Rock Mountain #3
Pamela Nissen
Aaron had no idea what he'd agreed to when he promised his dying friend that he would "take care of hope", that his best friend meant Hope the fiance arriving on the train that day. Aaron returns with the fiance to find that his friend is dead. But Aaron won't back down from a promise, even if it means working two jobs to help Hope run her farm.

This was a sweet novel. I enjoyed the story lines and the characters were engaging. It was a pretty predictable plot, but since I started the book knowing it was a basic romance, I was okay with that. The book is the third in the series and I could tell there was more to the story of some of the secondary characters, but it could definitely be read as a stand-alone. On a random note - I really didn't care for the cover. Overall, this was a sweet romantic story that was entertaining to read.

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