Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Mother Letters

I was asked to write a letter to a mother based on the book The Mother Letters that I reviewed several days ago. This is a letter to any mother out there. I'm not the worlds best at this type of thing, but it's from the heart.

Dear Mother,

It's okay to make mistakes. That is the one thing that I've learned in my ten years of being a mother - to learn to forgive myself. We are human and we all mess up. The key is to pick yourself back up, fix what can be fixed, and move on. Our kids love us. And they are so quick to forgive when asked. For a long time, I felt so guilty. I was a horrible mother. I forgot to make something for them for Valentine's Day, I yelled when I got scared the other day, I promised my daughter I'd come in and prayer with her before she went to sleep and I got busy and forgot, my son had to wear a dirty shirt to his church group because I forgot to wash it. And the list goes on. But we've all been there. And we aren't judging you for that moment of yelling, that pile of dirty laundry, or the spit up stain down your back. Because we know what it's like and we can empathize. So don't feel bad, forgive yourself, take heart that those moments will be a spot of laughter later on. You are the perfect person for those little ones that God placed in your care. It doesn't matter how they came to you, He chose YOU to be their mother. And He's right there with you, helping you to be the very best mother that they need.

Love and blessings,

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