Sunday, May 15, 2016


Improvisational Lists and Drawing Assists to Spark Creativity
Jaime Zollars
Writers and Illustrators often get stuck. The ideas aren't flowing and they can't seem to get things started again. The author has taken a concept that works well for him and created a book with it. The book begins with a brief description of how and why the author wrote the book. It then moves on the the instructions and ideas for how to make the lists work. Next are several sample lists that the author did both the writing and the illustrations to give the viewer/reader a better idea of what the lists can do. Then are several blank lists the reader can use to spark creativity. The end of the book has a second designed to get the writer/illustrator moving into the next steps after they've written their lists.

I loved the concept behind this. The lists are creative and inventive. I've used several of them and enjoyed the process. The illustrations are fun and often whimsical depending on the idea the author was tossing around. The colors, while slightly muted, are colorful and fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone who works or dabbles in illustration and writing. This book would definitely spark some new ideas.

I received this book free of charge from Quarto Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

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