Monday, May 30, 2016

Author and Book Promotion

"A wonderfully unpredictable plotline!"

"All that Glitters was a beautifully written story that speaks of redemption and forgiveness."

"The author draws you in and keeps you engaged to the last page."

About the book:
The world has gone plum crazy over gold. Men and women alikewould do almost anything to make their fortune. Leaving behind her family and adying father, Ginny Connor follows the cunning Logan Harris up North to strikeit rich. Twenty-year old Vivian Connor embarks on a cross-country chase torescue her sister Ginny and they are both led into the chaos of the KlondikeGold Rush.

Meanwhile, Ben McCormack leaves his farm to retrieve hisintended bride from a rowdy, tent town on the Alaskan coastline. Ben’s pathinadvertently entwines with Vivian’s and he finds his heart tugging him in adifferent direction.

Danger and disappointment plague all their journeys to thefar North. Will Vivian find her sister in time to return home to see theirfather? Can Ginny forgive herself for the decisions she's made? Will Benfind the lifelong love he searches for? When the world listens only to the callof gold, redemption and love become scarce treasures.


Chat with the author:

How do you connect with God best?
I lovelistening to the Lord speak into my heart during worship.

Which Christian author has influenced you the most?
I havebeen a fan of Allison Pittman’s work for years. Even more amazing, TheChristian Communicator assigned my novel AllThat Glitters to her for editorial. Her encouragement and insight helped medevelop as a writer and take the leap toward publication.

Are your books only for Christians or would otherpeople also enjoy them?
My booksdefinitely embrace a Christian worldview; however, the settings and charactersare memorable enough for anyone who enjoys a good read.

About the author:
Lisa Flickinger lives in the shadow of the Rockies with her husband Matthew and their dog Zeke. When not writing or reading, you will find her combing antique shops, walking in the woods, or sipping a latte with friends. All That Glitters fulfills the lifelong dream of sharing the characters in her head with you, dear reader. Enjoy!

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