Saturday, May 7, 2016

Heart's Heritage

Heart's Heritage/The Magistrate's Folly
Romona Cecil and Lisa Karon Richardson
 Heart's Heritage
Annie is struggling to keep her farm after her husband and her father passed away. Now a stranger, Brock, is claiming he owns half of her land. The two must learn how to be partners while working the land. But Annie senses that Brock isn't sharing everything with her and fears that he will sell the land. She isn't far off in her assumptions. Brock has been wrongly convicted of murder and ran to avoid being hung. He desperately needs the money to hire a good lawyer. But he feels guilty about leaving Annie in a lurch if he takes off.

This was a rich historical novel that captured my attention. Add kidnapping, Indians, family feuds, lost lovers, and a loyal dog and you get a enthralling story that will keep you hooked. I liked the realistic characters and added depth of multiple subplots. The author did a great job of describing the surroundings in a way that felt like I was in the story.

The Magistrate's Folly
Merry was wrongly accused of theft and sentenced as an indentured servant by the magistrate. Graham, the magistrate, used to be a friend. But for some reason he abandoned her when she needed him most. And after he furthers the problem by sending her to America as a servant, she begins to harbor hatred and resentment. Graham feels badly that he couldn't find the proof to help Merry. When he gets new information on the case he leaves England for America to tell Merry the news. But he finds her involved in a murder investigation that could land her in jail again. He, with a friend, set out to prove the accused is innocent.

This was a fun story. Some of the elements felt a little far fetched. But if I suspended my disbelief, it was a cute, entertaining romance that while not deep, was enjoyable. Overall, I would had enjoyed the story and would like to read a full length novel by this author to see if, with more time, she could add some depth and scenery to her novel.

I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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