Sunday, October 23, 2016

With All Due Respect

With All Due Respect
Nina Ruesner and Debbie Hitchcock
Teen and preteens are known for pushing their boundaries and our buttons. Parents often feel at their limit and wonder if they'll ever get back the sweet relationship with their children that existed before hormones raised their ugly head. The authors have experienced their own struggles with their teens and are willing to share their knowledge and insight into developing a respectful and loving relationship with your teenager. Each chapter begins with a scenario. It sums up the story with a bottom line that the author was trying to convey. A section with questions follows that allows the reader to get more insight and deeper reflection. It ends with a prayer that the parent can pray for themselves and their children. Scripture is at the beginning of every chapter and sprinkled liberally throughout.

I really liked the way the chapters were laid out. The book was interesting and kept my attention, something that is difficult to do with self-help type books. The authors used lots of stories that were relatable and also offered practical solutions and suggestions. The questions fit well with the chapter and were thought provoking. The book is divided up into 40 chapters so you can read one each day and be finished in a little over a month, or read all the way through like I did. Either way, this is definitely a book I would recommend for parents, teachers, grandparents, or anyone working with children. The authors did a great job in presenting the thought that treating someone with love and respect will go further than any yelling or demanding ever will.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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