Monday, October 24, 2016

Gillians' Heart

Gillians' Heart
B.J. Bassett
Gillian is grieving her grandmother, the woman who raised her, while trying to make ends meet so she can keep her grandmother's home. She decides to take in some roommates so that she can bring the home back to it's former glory. She arranges with Dusty, a friend of a friend, to do some repair and carpentry work in exchange for rent. But Dusty isn't what he first appears to be and Gillian is worried that her heart won't survive.

This book had a YA or New Adult feel to me. The thought process for the characters often had a teenage vibe. The book has a little over 100 pages, making it more of a novella than a full length novel. The story had some twists, but generally followed the predictable path of all romance stories. This is a faith based story, but didn't really go into a lot of details and the faith element often felt lost or not complete. The book is in desperate need of editing before it can be a book that I would recommend. But I think the bones are there for a cute YA novella if some of the errors are corrected and the plot lines are firmed up.

I received a copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

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