Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wolf Creek Wife

Wolf Creek Wife
Wolf Creek Book 5
Penny Richards
Blythe married a man and then found out he was already married. She fled her home town and headed to Wolf Creek in hopes of starting over. But she has no interest in a man and is actually questioning her judgment when it comes to men.
Will's wife left him when she found someone who was more well off and could provide her with more things. She promptly filed for divorce. Will was left with no money and a broken heart. His marriage had been far from what he imagined, but her leaving left him with doubts and a hole in his heart. He has no intention of ever marrying again.
When Blythe finds Will unconsciousness and lying in the woods she has no choice but to drag him into his house and wait out the storm that comes shortly after. But the next morning the door bursts open and the local pastor and her brother demand that the two get married as soon as Will is recovered. They finally agree to a marriage of convenience, but what if love can grow from respect?

I've read a couple of the other books in the series, but not all of them. Either way, I think this book could be read as a stand alone. It would be better to read them in order so you would have the background on each of the secondary characters, but it isn't necessary. I enjoyed the plot and the characters fit well with the story. The author did a great job of creating flawed, but likable characters. The chemistry was sweet and believable between the couple. The added elements of faith were subtle, but nice. Overall, I enjoyed the story and will be checking out the books I missed in the series.

I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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