Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Under a Summer Sky

Under a Summer Sky
Melody Carlson
Nicole, a high school art teacher, is a bit exasperated when her mother agrees to a summer job for her. Nicole will be house sitting for her mother's friend, and managing her art gallery. But the quiet summer job that Nicole is anticipating is anything, but calm. Restless teenagers, disgruntled employees, and two childhood friends make for an adventure that Nicole didn't see coming.

This was a fun book. It was light and had very little deep sustenance. But since I was reading it while traveling and had to put the book down multiple times, it was perfect. The two main characters were sweet and seemed to fit well together. Their communication wasn't great, but they worked it out in the end. This was a interesting story that was light on depth, lacked some tied up endings, and was a tad unrealistic. But since I anticipated this type of story, it was fine. I would classify it was a clean read, but not necessarily Christian. Overall, nice beach/rainy day read that served the purpose of what I was looking for while traveling.

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