Monday, January 11, 2016

Love and Care

Love and Care For The One and Only You
Michelle Medlock Adams
Everyone who has ever flown on a plane has heard the instructions to take care of your own oxygen in case of an emergency before helping the person next to you. This book is devoted to learning how to take care of the body that God has given you. There are 52 devotional type chapters. The book can be read all at once or spaced out, with one a week, over the entire year. Each chapter begins with a Bible verse and the author's comments and thoughts. It ends with a Power Prayer, a section called Work Your Words, and a Healthy Hint. The Work Your Words is a sentence or two that is to be repeated by the reader to change the mindset of how you think about yourself, to place positive thoughts into your mind. The Healthy Hint is taking something from the chapter and making it applicable and gearing you towards better health and care of your body.

I loved the lay out of the book. It wasn't daunting to think about applying everything all at once. Each chapter was simple and yet could have a profound impact if each concept was applied. Instead of being discouraged at how badly out of shape and unhealthy I was, I felt empowered and energized to get back to where I needed to be. The author was very motivating. This would be a wonderful book for anyone who wants to take better care of themselves. But it would also make an excellent gift.

I received this book free of charge from First Look in exchange for my honest review.

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