Sunday, March 5, 2017

One To Ten

One To Ten
Squirrel's Bad Day
Carole P. Roman
Poor little squirrel has lost his acorns. He's so upset and little rabbit helps him see how it isn't as bad as it seems by  playing a little game. Rabbit asks the other forest friends to join in the game and soon the whole forest is thinking positively and encouraging little squirrel. The book ends with an encouragement for anyone who is feeling down and reminds them of the rules of the game so they can feel better.

The whimsical illustrations and lyrical style of writing work together to tell a sweet story of friendship and the effect of positive thinking. Parents will enjoy the positive message and the practical advice for children. Children will enjoy the colorful drawings and the entertaining animals. They will also be able to relate to little squirrel and his problems.

I received a copy of this book. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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