Monday, March 27, 2017

A Stolen Heart

A Stolen Heart
Cimarron Creek Trilogy #1
Amanda Cabot
Lydia packs up her entire life and moves to Cimarron Creek to be with her fiance, Edgar. But when she steps off of the stage coach, she's met by the sheriff who informs her that Edgar is missing and his pregnant wife is very worried about him. Lydia manages to hide her dismay and soon learns that the town has many secrets and a not so secret dislike of Northerners. But she shoulders on and insists on calling this small town home.

The story started out with rich details and captured my attention immediately. I've read a series by this author before, but it was a contemporary setting. So this was a change for me. I enjoyed this book even more than her previous ones. The characters were very well defined and stood out. They all had flaws and quirks that made the story come alive. The romance was clean and the plot had elements of faith woven throughout. There was a little mystery mixed in with the romance and drama that added a touch of suspense. The author did a great job of tying everything up together in the end, while leaving an opening for the next book. I loved how she set the scene and found my self wishing she'd hadn't limited herself to only three books by calling this a trilogy. I can see an entire line of books with different characters from the town. Can't wait to read the second book. 
I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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