Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Orphan Keeper

The Orphan Keeper
Camron Wright
Chellamuthu's life is  completely changed when he's kidnapped and sold to an orphanage. Despite his assurances that he has a family, he's ignored and adopted out to an American family. His name, country, family, and life is completely changed. Now called Taj, he tries to balance the life he knew, with the life he now has. Will he ever return home and be re-united with his family? And what of the family here that loves him?

This was an intense book. The writing style is similar to many Indian writers that I've read before. So I think the author picked up on the authenticity of the origins of the story. The story is based on a true person, but has some of the events and people fictionalized, thus making it a novel. The beginning of the book was very difficult for me to get through. It felt like it dragged. But once I was about half way through, it picked up and I sped through the last half. The author writes with great descriptions and fleshes out the characters so the reader can relate. It's a large book, but flows smoothly enough that won't bog the reader down. Overall, I can see this becoming one of those book club books that everyone loves to read and discuss. So while not my favorite, I think it will be a hit with quite a lot of people.

I received this book free of charge in exchange from Smith Publicity for my honest review.

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