Sunday, March 13, 2016

Raising a Modern-Day Princess

Raising a Modern-Day Princess
Inspiring purpose, value, and strength in your daughter
Pam Farrell and Doreen Hanna
It is incredibly difficult to raise a daughter in todays times. Parents and children are faced with difficulties from every angel. Our daughters are special and important, because they are the daughters of their heavenly Father the King. The book is designed around the concept that little girls want to be a princess and need affirmation from their fathers (or respected male in their life) to feel like a princess. Using this idea, the authors created a program to honor the daughters and truly make them a princess.

I was expecting to find a book full of encouragement and ideas on how to raise my daughter. While I did find a tiny bit of that, it felt like it was mainly a book promoting the ceremony that one of the authors designed. I like the concept of the affirmation ceremony, but I wanted more than must a one day idea. The ceremony seems to be 12 weeks of work for mom and then a blessing ceremony that dad participates in. I wanted something that gave me Biblical thoughts on how to raise my daughter as a child of the King, not steps on how to have a blessing ceremony. Since the idea of the book is based on the concept that all girls want to be a princess (they don't) and that all girls need that public affirmation from their father (if getting every day at home they don't) then this book will only fit a small group of people. And sadly, my daughter and I are not in that group. I definitely wouldn't have purchased the book had the title and description been more clear about the topic.

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