Saturday, March 19, 2016

Claiming His Brother's Baby

Claiming His Brother's Baby
Helen Lacey
Cassie fell in love with Doug when he purchased her childhood home and allowed her to stay on as a tenant. Several years later and she's pregnant with his son and he's been killed in Iraq. His younger brother inherited the home and now Cassie is afraid of being a single mother without a place to live. What she doesn't expect is to find out how different Tanner is from how Doug described him. The secrets that Doug had are overwhelming and change her entire prospective on not only their relationship, but how she views her life.

Well written, emotionally driven plot, interesting characters. Very romantic in the "hero to the rescue" sort of way. I enjoyed the characters and the setting. The secondary characters helped to round out the story. Because of the emotional aspect, it wasn't a favorite for me, but readers who thrive on the drama in a relationship will love this book. Although it didn't say anywhere in the description or on the book, I felt like this was in a series and I stepped into the middle. It can be read as a stand alone, but it would be nice to fill in the gaps by reading the other book(s) first. Overall, it was a nice story, but had a bit too much emotional drama for me.

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