Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Three Little Words

Three Little Words
Walker Family Book .5
Melissa Tagg
Ava and Seth were sort of friends in college. They argued together for the school paper. But at a reunion they find that they also have a lot in common. Since they live in separate states they begin an email friendship. Now a year later they are finally in the same town, still as just friends. But anything can happen when you've spent a year sharing your soul with another person through email.

I loved this little novella. Ava was a secondary character from the author's previous novel and this was a neat way to tie in to the new series coming out while giving a glimpse into someone the reader had already met. The characters were well fleshed out for such a short novel and the romance was sweet. The author portrayed the characters as flawed, but very likable. The author weaves a message of faith and trust in God without coming across as preachy or dry. I really enjoyed the sneak peak into the Walker family.

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