Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break
A Year of Weddings Novella Collection
Rachel Hauck, Lenora Worth, Meg Moseley
 Every month a new wedding novella comes out from a different author. This book is a collection from the spring collection.

March Bride
Susanna has fallen in love with prince charming - literally. She's only a few weeks away from marrying a true prince. But she's just a small town girl from America. Now she's being asked to give up everything she feels is her true self to become a citizen of Brighton and a princess. 

This story is a sequel to a full length novel. I enjoyed getting chance to revisit this couple. But since I read the previous story I can't say that this book would work well as a stand-alone. It picks up where the other book left off and fits right before the next book in that series. But those who enjoy this author will really like this story, as I did.

April Bride
Stella hasn't seen her fiance, Marshall, in almost a year. He's returning from Afghanistan after an IED almost killed him. He's alive, but something is wrong. And with their wedding only weeks away the two must find a way to work through Marshall's PTSD and brain trauma or the wedding will be called off.

I enjoyed this novella a lot. It had all of the right elements for a short story. There was drama with elements of faith and trust through out. The story line was a bit fairy tale, but it was super sweet and romantic. So for a short story, I enjoyed it and it made me want to read more by this author.

May Bride
Ellie has moved to Atlanta to get away from her controlling mother and the rural town she grew up in. When she meets Gray she falls quickly in love. But both of them must deal with her ultraconservative mother and her unbending ideas.

The romance between the couple was sweet and while it had a rushed feeling was nice. But the parts dealing with Ellie's mother were over the top and didn't seem to match with the rest of the story. I just couldn't fit those two pieces together. Overall the story wasn't my style, but the whirlwind romance will appeal to some romantics.

 I received this book free of charge from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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