Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sister Eve, Private Eye

Sister Eve, Private Eye
A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery Book 1
Lynne Hinton
Sister Eve Divine has been living in a monastery for twenty years. But when her father lands in the hospital her sister decides it's time for Eve to come and do her duty. Their father is a retired police officer turned detective. The missing person case he's working on at the time of his illness turns into a murder case. So Sister Eve steps up and helps her father solve the crime.

I love a good mystery and a faith based mystery with a nun sounded fun. The story started out slow and never picked up for me. There wasn't any humor, the story seemed to center more around family drama than the mystery, and I couldn't relate to the story. The main character had some characteristics that didn't fit with the persona the author was trying to portray. She waffled between immaturity in her emotions and faith, and being a responsible woman who'd been a nun for twenty years. It was a little bit confusing. But I think with a good editing and some extra mystery thrown in this could be a really good series. It just isn't quite there yet.

I received this book free of charge from BookLook Blogger in exchange for my honest review.

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