Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A Memoir
Jo Ann Bender
Jo Ann and her husband need to take a trip to Texas from their home in Washington. They decided to purchase a vintage (meaning cheap) motorhome and try out the concept of being snow birds. They would take the scenic route to their meetings in Texas and visit historical places and enjoy the comforts of their little home on wheels. The author wrote down her thoughts to share with other baby boomers who might be considering a trip or a lifestyle change in a similar fashion.

The author writes in a meandering journalistic style as she shares her thoughts and feelings about living in a RV with another person for weeks at a time. She mentions several of the places that they visited. She shares the good and the ugly parts of buying vintage. The feel of the book is conversational and I can definitely see this book appealing to the retirees who are looking for something different now that they are no longer committed to a job.

I received this book free of charge from Direct Contact in exchange for my honest review.

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