Monday, December 22, 2014

God Loves Broken People

God Loves Broken People
And Those Who Pretend They're Not
Sheila Walsh
As human we are all broken in some way. And God loves each of us in and through our brokenness. The author, herself, has experienced the pain of being broken and has used her experiences to share how her brokenness brought her closer to God and allowed her to help others in their time of darkness.

My Bible study group picked this book out for one of our studies, since the book comes with discussion questions in the back. I was not impressed. We couldn't connect with the author and her presentation of the material felt stiff and un-relatable. She was so vague about her depression issues that even I, who suffers from depression, didn't feel a connection. She makes assumptions about the reader in both the book and the questions that aren't always true. The questions in the back were often closed and didn't really leave room for open discussion or other differences of opinion. But the last few chapters really picked up and I enjoyed them. I thought the author was able to connect better and was able to pull some thought provoking issues into the material. I'm not sure how an author can write a book that is so bad for two-thirds of the book and then end on such a strong note. The discussion questions never got better, but we were able to talk about what we'd read and take it from there. Because of this, I can't really recommend the book to anyone. But since it ended on a good note, I would be open to trying another book by this author.

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