Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wish in the Woods

A Wish in the Woods
Faerieground Series
Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser
Illustrated by Odessa Sawyer
Fairies are not always the kind and beautiful creatures that people imagine them to be. A very long time ago fairies and humans lived in harmony. But something happened and now fairies are bad and the woods that they inhabit are strictly off limits. But for best friends Soli and Lucy, the woods are a short cut to their school and their private secret. Soli, dark and shy, is the counterpart to the bright and bouncy Lucy. Soli confides her secret crush to Lucy one day and Lucy offers to talk to him since Soli is so shy. But catching them kissing is the ultimate betrayal. Soli, crushed, runs crying into the woods. What Soli has forgotten is that a wish made in the woods always comes true. Soli wishes her friend away, and in that instance, her friend is gone. The book is written alternating between both girls’ voices. It seems a bit juvenile for the age it is written for, but the illustrations redeem it. The illustrations are realistic sketches and dark in nature. But the fairies are being portrayed as dark so the pictures seem to fit well with the story. The book ends rather abruptly, but will probably pick up with volume two in the “Faerieground Series”.
This book is for ages 10 to 13.

I received this book free of charge from Children's Literature in exchange for my honest review.


Anonymous said...

What age group does this target?


Tima Murrell said...

It is for the ages of 10-12 according to the book.

Anonymous said...

Ah, OK. I have a 14 yr old who is a pretty advanced reader...