Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Case of the Diamond Dog Collar

The Case of the Diamond Dog Collar
Martha Freeman
Hooligan is a wild and crazy dog who almost creates an international incident. Afterwards, he is given a dog collar with fake diamonds from a neighboring country’s president, as a token of his forgiveness. When Hooligan decides to chase a helicopter Tessa notices that one of the fake diamonds on his collar is missing. This is just the type of mystery that Tessa and Cammie like to solve. But what happens when the diamonds might be real, the suspect list includes Grandma’s boyfriend and Hooligan is acting strange? The girls solve the mystery and help their mom, the president, catch a criminal. It is a book that will captivate and enthrall young audiences with its details and entertaining story line. The characters are believable and the emotions within the family are realistic. Every child will be able to relate to missing a parent who works too much or being scolded for getting dirty. This second book in the “First Kid’s Mysteries Series” will be enjoyed by both boys and girls who love a good mystery.
This book is for ages 7 to10.

I received this book free of charge from Children's Literature in exchange for my honest review.

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