Monday, July 9, 2012

The Convenient Groom

The Convenient Groom
A Nantucket Love Story
Denise Hunter

Kate is in a huge mess. She's a relationship doctor. And four hours before her wedding her fiance walks out. If she doesn't go through with the wedding her career is over. So Lucas, her landlord, offers to marry her. They will stay married for a year and then divorce. What Kate doesn't realize is that Lucas is in love with her. It leads to some complications she hadn't planned for.

This book is a cute, fast read. It seemed a bit surreal and fluffy, but I liked it okay. One of my complaints was that I didn't realize it was supposed to be Christian fiction. I truly thought I was reading a regular novel. There wasn't anything that clued me in that it was Christian until I finished the book and started reading the discussion questions at the back. I guess this changed how I viewed the novel. If something is supposed to be Christian, at least have some mention of it in the book. If you aren't looking for that aspect, it was an okay story. Not really any depth, but cute.

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