Monday, July 9, 2012


Deanna Lynn Sletten

The book begins as a woman stands at her husband's funeral, reminiscing over their marriage. Then it jumps back to when they met eighteen years before. But this wasn't the first time they had met. So the story of their first meeting is interwoven into the second story.
Michael wasn't the same after returning from Vietnam War. He jumped from woman to woman until he finally found a woman who could understand. But then when tragedy strikes he abandons her. Years later Danielle and Michael meet again and must learn to forgive and forget the past in order to move forward.

The story is written in such a way that the reader knows how it will end. There are no surprises. This was alternately good and bad. I didn't really like knowing that he was going to die from the very beginning. It set a rather sad tone to the book. The love story was beautiful, but since the book was about getting to the love story it was mostly filled with conflict and misunderstanding. I would rather have read more of their story instead of how they got to their story. The character development was good. I found myself liking the characters and getting frustrated with their many attempts to connect. It was a sweet book that I enjoyed reading. The blub in the back of the book about her next book was intriguing enough that I want to read it was well.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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Tima - Thanks for the review of MEMORIES.