Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kiss and Make Up

Kiss and Make Up
Katie D. Anderson

            Emerson has a very serious problem. She wants a boyfriend, but every time she kisses a guy she can read his mind. It is freaking her out and she decides to stop kissing. She really needs to be focusing on her homework. Her aunt has threatened to pull her out of school if she doesn’t raise her grades. Quite by accident she learns that reading someone’s mind can have its benefits. So she begins kissing all of the nerdy, smart boys in her school so that she can excel at school. But something happens that convinces Emerson that perhaps kissing for knowledge isn’t the best way to get a boyfriend or good grades. This book is all about fun girl things like make up, boys and best friends. But it’s also about trust, friendships and peer pressure. Girls will love this book that portrays a fun, but completely normal teenager and parents will love the lessons of honesty, family, and adjustment.
This book is for ages 12 to 18.
I received this book free of charge from Children's Literature in exchange for my honest review.

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