Friday, January 5, 2018

The Other Side of Beauty

The Other Side of Beauty
Embracing God's Vision for Love and True Worth
Leah Darrow
The author, a contest on America's Next Top Model, tells her story of pain and redemption. She is honest and real about her past and emotions that led her to the point of rock bottom. While at the bottom she learned about the other side of beauty, the beauty from within. She embraced God's ideal for her and has written this book to encourage others to see themselves as God sees them and not as the world sees them.

The book was interesting since the author wove so many stories, most of them personal, into the dialogue. I found several places to be slow or redundant. But since this wasn't really a topic that I felt resonated with me, at first, I had a hard time getting in to the book. But once I was about half way through, it picked up and I really felt her speaking to me. I had the book laying on my coffee table and a friend picked it up and read the first couple of chapters. She said the book really spoke to her and asked to borrow it when I was finished. So I know the book will speak to people who are dealing with body image issues. Overall, I think the book is perfect for someone with low self-esteem, those who view outward beauty as the most important thing, or those who are struggling with body image issues. 

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