Thursday, December 21, 2017

Montana Groom

Montana Groom of Convenience
Linda Ford
Carly's father has backed her into a corner. He said if she doesn't get married, she won't inherit the ranch that she's been running ever since he was injured. As she sits in the diner complaining to her friend, Sawyer overhears. Sawyer has just received custody of his orphaned little sister and has no clue how to raise a girl. He offers Carly a solution that he thinks will help both of them out of their predicaments. Can the two fool everyone long enough to get what they both want?

This was a sweet story with a predictable ending. But even though I knew how it would end, I enjoyed the story getting there. The author did a great job of weaving faith, romance, drama, and family together to create an enjoyable story. The characters were entertaining and the secondary characters were just as amusing and deep as the two main people. The author did a great job of portraying the difficulties and blessings of a blended family. Overall, this was a sweet, romantic story that would be enjoyed by readers who enjoy clean, historical romance with elements of faith.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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