Wednesday, June 22, 2016

School Time Blessings

School Time Blessings
Mike Berenstain
Brother, Sister, and Honey are all nervous about school. Honey is starting pre-school so she's worried about leaving her parents and unsure about what to expect. Brother and Sister are excited about their favorite subjects, but are worried about the ones that they aren't so great at. Their parents talk about how they will help them, but also talk about how much God loves them and will help them when they are worried or afraid.

The illustrations are, of course, delightful and full of great details. I love the way the author writes at a level that will comfort and reassure children with similar worries and concerns, while still making it entertaining and fun to read. There are some suggested conversations ideas and some activities at the back of the book that parents can use to further the discussion of school worries or help the children find ways to work through their problems using faith like the bears did. Overall, this was another great book that our family is excited to add to the collection.

I received this book free of charge from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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