Monday, May 26, 2014

A Bridge Unbroken

A Bridge Unbroken
 A Miller Creek Novel
Cathy Bryant
Dakota has the habit of running from her problems. Occasionally she has a legitimate excuse. But usually she just can't handle the confrontation and chooses to leave rather than work things out. But she arrives in Miller's Creek to settle down on her late grandfather's farm and try to stop running. But mending fences and building bridges when her past mistakes are brought to light is more difficult than she thought.

Since I haven't read any of the other Miller Creek Novels, I'm not sure if this is a series or just several books written about the occupants of one town. There were a couple of times that I felt a little confused and wondered if reading the other books would have cleared up the confusion. But for the most part, the book felt like a stand-alone. I would consider the story to be romantic suspense. But there was also some drama thrown in. The author weaves the message of forgiveness throughout the story and it plays a very prominent part. I felt like she did a great job of covering all of the different aspects of forgiveness from the Bible and Christian perspective. The two main characters were romantically involved, but the story didn't seem to focus on their romance as much as them working through issues. It was good enough that I'll be checking out the other books by this author.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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