Sunday, May 11, 2014

Holler Loudly

Holler Loudly
Illustrated by Barry Gott
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Holler was born into the Loudly family. He was named Holler because he cried so loud when he was a baby. Be as he grew, so did his voice. He was so loud that he shook the tress, messed up family moments and annoyed people. His parents tried to get him to be quiet, but every once in a while a baby is born into the Loudly family that is just plain loud. And nothing his parents did or said could get Holler to be quiet. But one day a very strange thing happens and Holler learns that there is a time to be loud and a time to be quiet.

My kids absolutely love this book. And I'll admit, I do too. The illustrations are hilarious and fit perfectly with the story. The exaggerations in the story made my kids laugh. But it also gets a subtle message across about having times for quiet and times for loud. This is something a mother can really appreciate. This book is one of our top favorites, especially when read in the appropriate voices.

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