Thursday, May 1, 2014

Love by the Letter

Love by the Letter
Unexpected Brides Book 0.5
Melissa Jagears
Dex can't read. He's spent too much time helping out his family to really learn. But now that he's heading west he wants to have a family of his own. But his attempts to write for a mail order bride aren't going well. So he enlists the help of Rachel. She's incredibly smart and his only hope of learning to read and write well enough to find a wife. She's so far out of his grasp that he doesn't even think of her as a potential wife.

This little novella was sweet. Despite the shortness it showed depth of character and a fun plot. Even the secondary characters were entertaining and added to the story. The book was romantic and told enough about the secondary characters to make me want to read the other books coming out in the series, which I think was the point.

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