Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress
Rachel Hauck

Charlotte is a wedding dress shop owner, an orphan, and engaged. But something feels off and she's wandering around an auction hoping to find something that will speak to her. Something that will tell her what direction to take. An old truck and a strange man in a purple vest call out to her and before she realizes it, she's paid $1000 for a trunk that might be empty. Charlotte finally opens the welded shut trunk to find a pristine wedding dress inside with clues to it's previous owners.

Several different stories are told through the book that all focus on this one magical wedding dress. Charlotte and a girl named Emily from 1912 are the two women that the story swaps back and forth between. The stories flowed together seamlessly. The author is able to weave a parable of the gospel of Christ around the wedding dress that is subtle, but definitely there. The different characters that she used each told their story of marriage and faith in different ways that all met together in the end. It was a strange sort of story for me, but I did enjoyed it.

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