Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rest Assured

Rest Assured
A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls
Vicki Courtney
 Our lives are so full that we often don't realize that our souls are empty and craving rest. The author took a hard look at her own busyness and wrote a plan for all of us to follow. In the first half of the book, she begins by outlining some of the reasons we are so incredibly busy. She talks about the problems that stress and weariness can do physically and mentally to the body. Each chapter ends with questions for the reader called Rest Stop. Then is a challenge for the next week called Intervention. The second half of the book is about how to correct the problem of busyness and being weary. There are four chapters that break down the steps on the road to recovery. Each chapter ends with the questions and intervention pages. The book ends with a thirty-day restoration guide and a list of one hundred ways to find rest. 

First - I loved the cover. It is restful and relaxing and fits well with the topic. The beginning couple of chapters didn't really seem to fit me. My reasons for being busy weren't listed and I couldn't really relate. But I'm glad I stuck with the book because the rest was great. The author doesn't just address the problem, she gave solutions as well. The book would work well for an individual or for a woman's study group. I liked the two bonus sections in the back and felt like it really added to the main section. I would highly recommend this book to any woman (or man) who finds themselves so busy that they can't stop and take a moment to rest, for the woman who desperately needs a break and isn't sure where to start.

I received this book free of charge from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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