Monday, December 21, 2015

Ballerinas by Liesbet Slegers

Ballerinas and What They Do
Liesbet Slegers
A ballerina dances every day. Glide along with a little ballerina as she tells the young reader what it takes to be the best ballerina. She describes the different types of poses, teaches about the attire required, talks about the schedule required to be a good dancer, and tells about the final show and the key players. The book ends with Mindy showing the reader five different poses that an aspiring ballerina can learn to do. Each post is demonstrated by a picture and a brief description of how to position the arms, legs, and feet. Colored pencil style illustrations brighten the pages and help tell the story. 

My daughter loved reading the book and practicing the different poses found in the back. This book would be a great book for dance teachers who want to help teach the basics to their young students, teachers who want to encourage reading skills, and parents looking for some interactive books for their daughters.

I received this book free of charge from Children's Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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