Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Five Times I Met Myself

The Five Times I Met Myself
James Rubart
Brock is greatly disturbed by a dream that he keeps having of his late father. When he mentions this to his friend, his friend loans him a book on lucid dreaming. Brock finds that lucid dreaming can take him back to the past where the decisions he makes change the outcome of his future. Since he is having some difficulties in his marriage and business, he sets about to change the future by influencing his younger self. But it doesn't go as planned. He continues to meet with himself until he learns some valuable life lessons about the choices we make and how they effect the ones around us.

This book was a different take on time travel then what I've read in the past. It was an unusual set up for a thought provoking book. I enjoyed the style of writing and the visuals the author created. I didn't really connect with or care about the characters, but the plot was very intriguing. I finished the book and couldn't stop thinking about the life lessons the author brought out. The book has appeal and I would recommend it for the Christian element alone. For the casual reader who isn't into life lessons or Christian insight, the book might be a bit much. But for me it was entertaining as well as a jumping off point for some deep thinking.

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