Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rhapsody in Red

Rhapsody in Red
Donn Taylor
Preston Barclay has become a bit of a hermit since his wife passed away. He's a professor who lives for his teaching, but doesn't really have any other life outside of the university. So when a fellow professor, Mara, comes to him for help in mediating a problem with another co-worker, he's reluctant to get involved. Turns out he should have listened to his reluctance. Now he and Mara are neck deep in a murder mystery. With a killer on the loose, an police officer with revenge on his mind, and a inept boss, they need to come together to share clues before they both end up dead.

I've read another book by this author and enjoyed it. But this one was even better. The characters were well defined and fit with the genre. The author adds their backstories without overwhelming the plot. This is labeled as a Christian mystery, but the elements of faith were subtle and flowed well with the story. The mystery was wrapped up in the end, but the author left a couple of things open to lead the way for the next book.

I received this book free of charge from Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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