Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lake of Fire

Lake of Fire
An Allison Coil Mystery
Mark Stevens
 There is a huge wildfire tearing across Colorado. Whole communities are fighting to save their homes and towns. But when one man stumbles on a dead body at the point of origin, all signs point to murder and arson. Then a local environmentalist is missing and his fans are fearful that the body might belong to him. Two couples team up to find out what happened to the man and who started the vicious fire. But murder isn't an issue with the person or persons they are after. So they must tread lightly or they'll be added to the list of dead.

The story started off with a large cast of characters. This was a tad confusing at first. But it quickly sorted out and the story took off. Filled with suspense and drama the entire time, the author lead the reader on a crazy path to the end. The descriptions helped set the reader into the story and I could easily picture the scenes. The characters were real and raw. The book ended with the main part of the plot tied up. But there were several loose ends left hanging. My guess would be for the next book in the series to tackle. I enjoyed the story and would definitely read another book by this author.

I received this book free of charge from Roger Charlie in exchange for my honest review.

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