Monday, April 27, 2015

Summit of Seduction

Summit of Seduction
A Stone Summit Novel
Elena Aitken
Cynthia isn't having the best time right now. Her mother is terminally ill, her business is adding stress, and now Seth is acting like he's interested. Which can't possibly be true. Seth is a womanizer and can't stick with one woman for long. Cynthia found this out the hard way. After going on a date with him, she walks into a restaurant to find him on date with another woman the very next day. Sadly Cynthia doesn't learn her lesson and this happened twice. She's not about to let it happen again. But puppies, a sick mom, and best friends moving have a way of pulling the unlikeliest people together.

The story was short, but entertaining. I enjoyed the interaction between the couple and romance was sweet. The author was able to weave the romantic in with the sad and have it mesh well. While parts were sad, it didn't bring down the whole book. And the relationship between the couple didn't lesson the depths of grief the characters felt either. It was nicely done and romance readers will enjoy getting another look into the lives of the people from this series.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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