Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Borrowing the Doctor

Borrowing the Doctor
The Collins Brothers Book 2
Victoria Pinder
Kate Sparrow is known for her wild partying, jaded view of life, and cruel disdain for others. At least that is how the media portrays her. But when Dr. Daniel Collins is asked to shadow her to save his cousins wedding, he reluctantly agrees. He soon finds out that the Kate portrayed in the media is nothing like the Kate in his arms. And the Kate in his arms is in some serious trouble. Her father is in prison and Kate is helping take him down. But someone wants her dead. Kate doesn't trust anyone, but when she's forced to spend time with Dr. Daniel she realizes that not all people are after her for her money or her company.

The couple connected in the story almost immediately and had great chemistry. The suspense and drama fit with the plot. The author picked a great plot and the story had a wonderful sense of what a real family should be like. My kindle version was a little hard to read, but this might have been a formatting issue. There were some broken thoughts in the story line, but since I was not able to read the first book I might have missed how these pieces connected. Or perhaps the author meant to continue the lines in the next book. Overall, it was a fun story that needs a bit more editing.

I received this book free of charge from Reading Addiction in exchange for my review.

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Victoria Pinder said...

Thank you for having me yesterday and I'm glad you enjoyed the book.