Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Promise

The Promise
Beth Wiseman
Mallory was prevented from giving her cousin a kidney when she was a teenager. So she promised her dying friend that she would save a life when she was an adult and could make her own decisions. Her best friend's fiance convinces her to go to the middle east to save a young girl with cancer. Her friends and family try to convince her it's a mistake, but she is determined to save someone since she couldn't save her cousin. 

The Prologue starts the book off with a bang. The author has a strong writing style that carries well with this plot. The author based this book on a true situation that happened to a friend. Knowing that this was based on a true story made it feel very authentic and scary. I can see this book easily becoming a favorite with a lot of readers. But it wasn't really my style. The book has some slow points. And the book didn't really seem to fit into the Christian fiction category. I felt that several of the religions weren't portrayed authentically or fairly. It's definitely not a book that I would recommend for younger readers.

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