Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home
Four Romances with an Enduring Pioneer Spirit
Judi Ann Ehresman & Naomi Mitchum
Story 1 - Mandy watches her husband walk away to work on the railroad, wondering if she should have told him she was pregnant. When she gets notice that he was killed in an accident she wonders how she is going to survive. But God sends a run-away slave with a the message of salvation. Deidre saves her financially by helping with all of the work and by helping provide an income. But most importantly she saves her spiritually.

Story 2 - Bess grew up in a brothel. But when one of the patrons "finds Jesus" she realizes there might be a way out of her former life. But old thoughts are hard to shake and Bess struggles with the concept of forgiveness and a new life.

Story 3 - Deidre ran away from a cruel master who had sold her husband and was getting ready to sell her baby son. She's found a wonderful home with Mandy, but she misses her husband. Will she ever be reunited with him?

Story 4 - Frederika wasn't happy about her family leaving Germany. She protests vehemently, but eventually steps up to the plate and takes over when neither of her parents are there to help her.

The first three stories are sweet, well written, and romantic. They all tie together to form a nice cohesive story about three woman who overcome difficulties to become strong women in Christ.
The fourth story doesn't fit with the first three and is by a different author. The feel of the story is completely different. The romance felt rushed. I'm sure that the author writes a great story. It was just didn't seem to fit with the first three stories. I would recommend this book for the first three stories alone.

I received this book free of charge from Barbour in exchange for my honest review.

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