Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 Elephants

5 Elephants
Rob Laidlaw
Elephants are graceful and beautiful creatures. They have a huge capacity to love and nurture. The author has chosen five famous elephants and told their stories in this book. There is also a chapter filled with interesting facts about elephants. The book also has tips on how to become an elephant guardian, a list of elephant welfare organizations, and a glossary.

I love elephants so this was a really neat book for me. The photography was wonderfully done and really shows the elephants at their best. The author is a biologist, but the book was written for us laymen to understand. I read the book to my children (8 yrs and 5 yrs) and they loved it. The writing style is simple, but tugs at your heartstrings. I could definitely see this book becoming a great resource in a school setting.

I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

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